Yesterday evening the NHRA announced a procedural rule change which will be employed at Mello Yello series national events regarding centerline violations. All of the same stuff applies as it always has meaning that if you cross the line, hit a block, etc your run is thrown out and you are disqualified. The addition here is that NHRA will subtract championship points from you on each violation. It starts with 5 points and escalates with each violation from there on out. These are “season” violations meaning that we’re not talking deductions that build up per race but actually per season. It does not “go back” to five points at the next race, it gets bigger and bigger.

The other thing here that’s interesting is that after the finish line of a race, you can basically do whatever you want and not be DQ’d and that is kind of changing. Fuel cars who run to 1,000ft will now have to keep their lane integrity all the way to the 1,320ft finish line used by everyone else, meaning that you can win the race and cross at 1,150ft and then be penalized points.

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