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Automakers Choosing Galleries, Fashion Shows Over Auto Shows

Enthusiasts can see cars close and personal at auto shows. But now, automakers are looking for opportunities to reach a new group of shoppers in different settings. Automakers have been getting creative, stepping into more artistic pursuits to introduce shoppers to new cars — and we’re not just talking about the latest Marvel movies. We took a look at 2018 to see what new avenues automakers are exploring to introduce us to their cars. Music festivals — or more specifically,…

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Auto Companies Build Autonomous Future on DRIVE AGX

Autonomous driving is no longer a distant goal post, a vision of the future set decades ahead. At GTC Europe, three leading companies — Volvo Cars, Continental and Veoneer — disclosed their near-term production plans for the next generation of cars. Whether developing fully autonomous, highly automated or driver assistance systems, automakers and suppliers are realizing there is a need for far greater compute inside the car. And that’s why they are building their future vehicles on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX,…

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Ready For Another Super Fast Truck?

Packing the might of 758 horses, the Hennessey Heritage Edition Ford F-150 is just the fast truck that they warned you about. A 2.9-liter supercharger, upgraded fuel injectors and fuel system, air-to-water intercooler, stainless steel cat-back exhaust and some genius-level tuning from the madcap scientists at Hennessey. That’s what makes the Hennessey Heritage Edition Ford F-150 a kickass truck to drool over. Need proof of that? Scroll down and check the promotional video below. You’ll see the 758 hp,…

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Redex: The Test. 2 Months of Testing. Our Update and Conclusion

Here’s our follow up from our previous three articles, should you want to read the storyline: Redex: Does it work? A review over 3 months. Redex: The test. The starting point. Redex: The Test. 1 Month of Testing.  Our Update. Now we have 2 months of testing the Redex products. As a reminder, I have been running the trial in my beloved, and very cool (in my opinion) 1970 Lancia Flavia Coupe 2000 (below).  I chose this car, rather than newer cars…

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Porsche Taycan Will Mark The End of The Beginning For Future EVs

The company is also pursuing a resource-friendly production philosophy. The Porsche Taycan production process is carbon neutral, with the future goal in production being to establish a complete zero-impact factory, a factory with no environmental impact. Porsche’s aim for the Taycan is to create a team with a healthy mix of experienced sports car manufacturers and new staff. The close working relationship between motorsport and series production highlights just how important it is to share knowledge. Like the Porsche 919…

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Linders Joins Opel’s Irish Dealer Network

Paul Linders, Managing Director, Gillian Whittall, Opel Ireland General Manager and Joe Linders, Linders Group Owner Opel Ireland has announced the appointment of Linders to the Opel dealer network in Ireland. Located in Finglas (J5 M50) and Turvey (J4 M1), Linders will host a new Opel showroom and service centre. “We are so excited to be joining the Opel family especially as they roll out their new line of PSA models,” said Paul Linders, Managing Director at Linders. “We feel…

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New 2019 BMW Z4 M40i Spied in Miramas, France, Testing Phase Is Closing to an End

Following a series of spy photos which revealed the upcoming BMW Z4 fully camouflaged while performing different testing sessions, a couple of new updates have emerged on the surface, showcasing the future convertible model at BMW`s testing facility in Miramas, France, performing what appears to be the final tests, just before heading for production line in a couple of months. Autodrome de Miramas in the south of France is the company`s second largest well-known centre after…

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