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Newly designed 2018 BMW X3 eases highway burdens

Purchasing a BMW is often considered a sign of status. It’s ownership of a sedan, sports car or sport utility vehicle possessing superior qualities on the open road. The luxury carmaker offers vehicles, including the newly designed 2018 BMW X3, that uniquely ease the burdens of highway commutes and long hauls across state borders. It’s what Bavarian Motor Works has always done well. The 2018 BW X3 continues the carmaker’s reputation as offering a top-ranked open road SUV. But the…

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Origins of BMW CS & CSL Models

With the introduction of the F82 M4 CS, the F80 M3 CS, and talk of possible future CS and CSL models, I found it fitting to take a brief stroll down memory lane, to explore the origins of the CS and CSL badges. The Ancestor to the 6 Series and 8 Series CoupesThe story begins with the BMW Neue Klasse (En: New Class) of the 1960s that brought about some pretty classy yet sporty coupes into BMW’s portfolio.The Neue Klasse…

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Production version spied testing at Pune ahead of launch

The Tata Harrier is barely a month away from a full reveal. Tata Motors continues to test their new flagship SUV on  the roads of Pune in the run up to the official launch. Recently, a test mule of the Tata Harrier was spotted testing  in traffic in Pune. From the spyshot, it’s easy to make out that the Tata Harrier has quite some street presence, and from the looks of  it, the SUV is towering over the Maruti WagonR…

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Dealer motor finance expertise is more important than ever

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is set to publish the findings of its review of the motor finance sector in November. So, it’s fair to say that car dealer sales practices have never been under greater scrutiny than over the last 12 months. Although this comes at a time when the future role of motor retail is up for debate and discussion, a recent report on UK car finance by market intelligence agency Mintel found that dealers still lead the…

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Which Car Buying Service UK Must Be Adopted?, Buy Used Cars for Cash UK

Gone are the days when finding a buyer for cars was a difficult and time taking task for choosing which car buying service they consider. With the advancement in technology and many businesses shifting presence on the internet; shopping has been made easier. People used to appoint professional car dealers, paid hefty registration fees and depreciation costs. But thanks to car buying services today, they have helped us in many ways. Moreover, the ease that the internet provides in buying…

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2019 Acura ILX Review: It finally stands out

If you haven’t noticed, Acura is currently in the middle of a renaissance, which includes not only great new models like the latest RDX crossover, but a new face for the entire brand. For the 2019 model year, Acura is wrapping up its facial makeover with the 2019 ILX being the last of its mainstream models to get the new corporate face, which was originally previewed by the Precision concept. The Acura ILX debuted back in 2012 as a new…

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SEMA, Sheepey, & A Twin Turbo Ferrari

Sheepey Race What’s Italian, has 4.5 liters and 700 wheel horsepower? Nothing, at least not until Sheepey Race gets their hands, along with a couple turbos, on it. The 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider you’ll see here essentially started as a joke between Sheepey owner Alex Soto and Ravi Dolwani of CSF: “What if we put a $40,000 bodykit on a Ferrari?” they pondered. Yes, what if, indeed. But, after a few phone calls the joke turned into a reality, albeit with a caveat:…

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Ever Wonder How A Screw Blower Works? This Awesome Animation Shows You Oct 29, 2018Brian Lohnes1320 Videos, BangShift 1320 The screw blower is one of the mightiest power adders known to man when it comes to internal combustion engines. An enhancement over the traditional Roots style blower, the screw is capable of helping an engine produce prodigious horsepower. The only thing you need to know about how good they are is the number of drag racing classes they are banned…

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Ford’s Self-Driving Business Development is Headed to Washington

You can get all the details from Ford’s in-house PR magazine, Medium, below. Once you’ve read through it, let us know what you think of Ford’s plans to “take on Washington” with its autonomous cars in the comments section at the bottom of the page. A Monumental Moment: Our Self-Driving Business Development Expands to Washington, D.C. By Sherif Marakby, CEO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC Just like guiding a bill through Congress, establishing a self-driving vehicle business requires a lot of…

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