DS DRIVE ASSIST: Drive or be driven

Driver assistance system premiered on DS 7 CROSSBACK, autonomous driving level 2 is now available on DS 3 CROSSBACK. DS DRIVE ASSIST regulates vehicle speed in relation to the vehicle in front and acts on the steering to precisely position DS 3 CROSSBACK in its lane based on the driver’s choices and habits. Available at speeds of up to 180kmph/112mph (depending on national legislation), the system controls the vehicle’s speed and path. This system is particularly useful in traffic jams…

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DS SMART ACCESS: no key required

A useful everyday companion, DS SMART ACCESS lets you unlock and start your DS 3 CROSSBACK using the MyDS app. Using the Bluetooth protocol, the system remains operational even without a GSM network, making it unique on the market. And since cars are often shared, this innovation also lets the owner make the vehicle available to up to five users at the same time without giving them the key. For each user, the owner can authorise access and activate functions…

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DS 3 CROSSBACK: icon of high-tech style

DS Automobiles writes a new chapter of its history with the new DS 3 CROSSBACK. Both a city car and a long-distance road car, DS 3 CROSSBACK fits perfectly into the second generation DS: new technologies and unequalled sophistication. Follow us: source

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FOCAL Electra®: an exceptional immersive experience

Long-established partner of DS Automobiles, French company FOCAL worked with DS engineers and technicians to develop a Hi-Fi system: ELECTRA®, a high-end signature with 12 loud speakers ideally positioned around the DS 3 CROSSBACK cabin for an overall power of 515 watts. The tweeters are in the shark fins. The result is an exceptional immersive experience. The sound is well balanced, crisp, true to life for live, physical sound and real spatialisation of the sound stage, like an auditorium. source

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#DSXETENSE makes its first ever ride!

When advanced technology meets the poetry of French design. Take a look at the first ever ride of DS X E-TENSE, in the presence of the Patrouille de France, the official squadron of the French Air Force. Follow DS Automobiles at: source

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DS PARK PILOT: park automatically

With DS PARK PILOT, drivers of DS 3 CROSSBACK can park automatically, without using the steering wheel and the pedals. This system is able to check whether a parking space is big enough for DS 3 CROSSBACK simply by driving past at a speed of up to 30kmph/18.5mph. Using the touch screen, the driver selects reverse or angle parking. The final step? Simply press the Park button and wait for the magic to happen! source

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DS MATRIX LED VISION: Permanent full beam

DS Matrix LED Vision lighting contributes to the unique visual identity of DS 3 CROSSBACK. It comprises 3 LED modules for low beam and a Matrix Beam module for high beam. The beam module emitted by each Matrix Beam module is divided into 15 independent segments which switch on and off gradually, segment by segment, based on the driving conditions detected by the camera above the windscreen. As a result, drivers of DS 3 CROSSBACK cars can keep their main…

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