The company was founded back in 1963 in Italy and it’s specialized in the creation of luxury sports cars that most of the time come in very limited editions. Few people know this, but they also created a lot of SUVs during their history. They were acquired by Audi back in 1998, but they still create some of the most amazing and fast cars in the world. With a unique body design and lots of comfort, these cars are just a breeze to ride. Their cars come with very exotic designs and received numerous awards all over the world.

Headquarters: Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy
Official Site of Lamborghini:
Owner(s) : Audi AG

Experience Aventador S Roadster #1: Defying Sound

Speed. This is the first thing to strike you, with Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. The raw, pure, untainted thrill of breathtaking acceleration and speed. The sound – that unmistakable Lamborghini roar – comes later, washing over you like a wave. With its 750 HP, 350 km/h, peerless V12 specs, Aventador S Roadster embodies the essence of Lamborghini. Keep your eyes peeled. The most beautiful things in life go by fast. #DontBlink More episodes to come. Find out more on Subscribe…

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3.9 Tons of CO2 in the Lamborghini Park’s Oaks

Planting the seeds for a sustainable world: The 10.000 trees of the Lamborghini ’Oak Park’ project, carried out with the Universities of Bologna, Bolzano and Munich, have removed 3.9 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. 3.9 Tons of CO2 in the Lamborghini Park’s Oaks The amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere as it is absorbed by the Lamborghini Park’s oaks totals 3.9 tons. Source

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