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How to Program Charging Times Using Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s Driver Information Interface

Learn how to set a charging time for your Clarity Plug-In Hybrid in advance to begin charging at a certain time when plugged in. If you want to set it to begin at 10 p.m. and end at 4 a.m., it’s easy to do using the Driver Information Interface. Learn how in the following video and more at For more Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid content, follow us on social at: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Google+ – Pinterest –…

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How to Remove Fur From Car Carpet Mats | Driver How-To | Ford

Getting fur out of carpet is one of the trickiest parts of detailing a car. Next time you take your furry friend for a ride, grab a squeegee so there aren’t leftover bits of fur in the upholstery. Check out more Driver How-To videos: SUBSCRIBE: About Driver How-To videos’s: Ever wondered how to parallel park? Or keep your car fresh? We’re bringing you the tips and tricks you’ve been looking for. Let us know in the video comments what how-to’s…

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