The company was created in 1929 and since then they are specialized in creating the best luxury sports cars in the world. The first cars created by them were not street legal, as they had tremendous amounts of power as well as high speeds that really surpassed the powers of the vehicles at that time. After the two world wars, they began creating street legal cars. They created a lot of supercars and concept cars that really put the drivers to the test, as they have an amazing design and insane speeds. Ferrari also made quite a name in driving competitions, especially in Formula 1, where it’s one of the top players for more than 2 decades.

Headquarters: Maranello, Italy
Official Site of Ferrari : http://www.ferrari.com/
Owner(s) : Fiat S.p.A.

A LaFerrari for Lady Cornelia

Cornelia Hagmann is an Austrian-born painter and sculptor that has made Switzerland her home for many years. Her wonderfully rich paintings are mostly of landscapes sumptuous with greenery and flowers. She does, however, have a second great passion: for Ferrari. This enduring fascination was sparked by her late husband, Walter Hagmann, a Swiss businessman and leading Ferrari collector, who unfortunately passed away a little over a year ago before the delivery of the magnificent Rosso Corsa LaFerrari he had ordered…

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The Europe GP with Riccardo Adami – Scuderia Ferrari 2016

“So far we have seen this track only on the simulator” says Vettel’s race engineer Riccardo Adami. “We did a specific session to understand the characteristics of this track. It is a challenge because it features a very difficult sequence of corners and one long straight and then you go through the town with the famous turn 8, a peculiar turn of this track, where all of a sudden the course becomes very narrow.” Read more at source

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